Paper Cup Arch

Spring 2016 | Professor: Ryan Luke Johns

This half semester course focuses on using a combination of digital and manual fabrication techniques to create a prototypical robotic assembly technique for found objects.

23 Billion paper coffee cups were used in America in 2010. That is 1.4 million tons of wood consumed. Paper coffee cups are not recyclable because of the plastic coating inside. 8300 homes could be heated for a year by energy produced by the petrochemical in the plastic lining.

Using disposed 12 oz, 16 oz, and 18 oz coffee cups as my found object of choice, the robot arm adjusts pick-up and release position according to the cup’s dimension. A combination of human and robot input creates an efficient production line to construct paper cup arches. These arches are proposed to potentially be turned into functional objects, such as storage or plantar units, giving them a second life.